Automatically extracting and classifying key visual attributes of  your products and adding this new data as tags on your products is auto-tagging.

Auto-tagging is the rocket fuel that powers the highest performing e-commerce sites.

Hiplee AI technology enables highly efficient, accurate and cost effective auto-tagging.

AI Auto-tagging of fashion inventory by Frankie of Hiplee (artificial intelligence fashion specialists)

5 Top Benefits of Auto-Tagging

AI powered product tagging for fashion - colour and neckline

01 Unlock highly influencial data

Visual data is a key foundation of high performing e-commerce.  Peoples fashion choices are largely a view of what the individual perceives as visually attractive, that works well with other clothing items and complements their individual characteristics.

People automatically use visual keys to inform decisions. E.g., Karen likes v-neck in navy stripes, whereas Eugine likes crew neckline combined with a lighter blue pattern.

It’s essential that your e-commerce uses visual data like your customers do. Visual AI lets your e-commerce think like people.

02 Increase Effectiveness

Site search, filtering and recommendations all improve when provided with visual information.

Search remains a popular and powerful shopping tool.  Ensuring site search works well is key to high performing e-commerce.  Accurate product tagging and categorization are key foundations of search, and ensure your shoppers quickly find what they’re looking for.


Filters improve engagement and conversion rates by letting shoppers view what’s of interest. Auto-tagging allows filters to work consistently and reliably. Filter use data provides valuable insights into what’s important to your shoppers.


Recommendations increase time on site, basket size and total revenue. Recommendations rely on understanding shoppers behaviour. which is highly dependent of visual keys. Unlocking visual data by auto-tagging is essential to provide good recommendations.

03 Better shopping experience

Shoppers can better understand how your inventory is organised, how to quickly find what interests them and enjoy a more consistent, engaging shopping experience when auto-tagging is used.

04 Enhance SEO

SEO is one of the few remaining  low cost marketing tools. Accurate product tagging improves SEO performance. Better SEO increases search ranking and traffic. More traffic, equates to more impressions and in turn, higher brand awareness. Better SEO through auto-tagging ultimately means better business.

Benefits of Auto-tagging fashion inventory

It always gets done

Auto-tagging ensures tagging always gets done. Your shoppers always enjoy the benefits, no matter what day it is, who's away sick or what staff issues you have.

Increase consistency, accuracy and efficiency

Auto-tagging consistently and accurately applies the same rules so that your customers enjoy a consistent shopping experience across all your site.

Free up time and improve staff morale

Auto-tagging removes a repetitive task from your staff's to do list, allowing them to work on less repetitive and more engaging tasks. Yay, happy staff!

05 Improve Backoffice

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