Success based pricing to grow your business with no risk


FREE if no sales generated
  • Personalized recommendations for each shopper
  • Recommendation modules for each store page
  • Unlimited recommendations
  • Enterprise-Grade visual AI
  • Real-time Analytics
  • 1.5% fee on sales generated by Frankie


Custom requirements
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  • Performance plan features, plus:
  • Custom:
  • API access
  • A-B Testing
  • Custom reporting
  • Recommendation algorithms

Pricing FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding pricing, along with the answers from our support experts.

Not all Recommendations are personalized. Frankie offers recommendations that are based on each individual customer current browsing behaviour, plus previous purchases and browsing history. If insufficient information is available for individual recommendations, Frankie suggests based on aggregated customer behaviour.  Personalized recommendations produce the best results.

Sales that originated from a Frankie recommendation are counted as Sales from Frankie. The advantage is you only pay when Frankie is producing results.

We refer to the 1.5% fee as the Goldilocks pricing. We work with a huge range of online stores from very small players, right through to very large players. Charging a small fee that reflects a fraction of the benefit that Frankie brings, seemed to be the fairest way to treat our small, medium and large customers.

Excluding any special offers, all new users receive a 15-day free trial that starts from registration and the creation of your account. We provide 15 days to both ensure you have the time to get the best from Frankie and to signal that we’re working for you, helping make your business succeed.

Frankie familiarises herself with your stock, learning the patterns, colours, sleeve & dress lengths, necklines, textures, styles, prices etc of every item – she’s like an encyclopaedic expert on your stock.

Frankie also analyses all previous store history to identify what shoppers have in common. For example, people who like this style, are more likely to like that style etc.

As shoppers come to your store, she observes what interests each shopper and matches their browsing behaviour with her insights of how people behave and what they like, before combining all that with her encyclopaedic knowledge of your stock to make recommendations you’d be proud of.

Shopify users are charged from their Shopify billing account.

You will be charged at the end of your period, which is based on the day your subscription started.

You can cancel Frankie at any time. There’s no contracts, no commitments, and no cancellation fee.  Frankie recurring charges are managed directly by Shopify so uninstalling the app will automatically cancel your Frankie charges and prevent any future charges.

Before uninstalling the app, we recommend pausing the app first. You can do that from the app Settings page.

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