Frankie - AI powered online shop assistant

World leading, AI, personalized recommendation platform for Ecommerce

High-impact, personalized recommendations for every shopper, at each stage of the buying journey, maximising engagement and successful purchasing outcomes


of people leave online stores without buying anything.

2% is the average Ecommerce conversion rate, although it does vary by device, country, industry and brand.

...we solve the 98% problem

Frankie - AI powered online shop assistant

She makes highly relevant recommendations that match the personal tastes and shopping intent of your customers.

Your customers benefit, as they find what they’re looking for with minimal effort.

You benefit, from increased customer satisfaction, improved conversion rates and increased sales.

Frankie helps people achieve successful purchase outcomes.

Customer Case Studies

12.4% lift in revenue in A/B test

The personal online experience

30% lift in visitor value in A/B test

Your online Shop Assistant

Just like in physical stores, online stores get the best results when they utilise a skilled knowledgeable shop assistant.

Frankie is an AI-powered shop assistant.  She visually familiarises herself with your stock to become like your best ever, in-house stock expert.

She closely observes shoppers behaviour, never forgetting anything,  to understand your customers and how they shop.  

She personalizes her product picks based on the behaviour of every individual shopper, combined with her knowledge of your stock and how people behave – it’s why her recommendations are just so good.

Customer testimonials

Reap the rewards of


Emulate Amazon,
35% of their total revenue comes through recommendations.

- McKinsey: How retailers can keep up with consumers


Frankie - AI powered online shop assistant

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