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Hiplee provides AI powered personalization tools that enhance the performance of your Ecommerce store.

What we offer

Complete the Look recommendations with Frankie AI

Personalized Recommendations

Delight your customers with recommendations that feel as if it was you, who personally made them.

Today, customers expect useful personal recommendations. Think: Trending now, Best Sellers, Complete the look, You Might like and Personal Edit.

Get recommendations right, and your customers enjoy shopping what’s relevant to them. You enjoy shoppers spending more time on your site, increased basket size and increased total sales.


Auto-tagging is the rocket fuel that powers the best fashion e-commerce sites today.

Auto-tagging automatically identifies key attributes of your inventory. These tags are then available for your online store. High quality tags power Site Search, Filters and Personal Recommendations. Hiplee are specialists in Auto-tagging for Fashion e-commerce.

AI Auto-tagging of fashion inventory by Frankie of Hiplee (artificial intelligence fashion specialists)

We work with 4,000+ retail brands.

Boost your site

Revenue, Basketsize, Engagement

The benefits of personalization are well understood. Ensure you get the right recommendation engine, so you enjoy the maximum benefits.


Shoppers convert 3.7x times more often when recommendations are combined with search, than those that only use search.


Where recommendations are clicked, average order value is 10% higher.

Time on site

Shoppers that click a product recommendation, spent an average of 4.5x as long on-site vs those that didn’t click recommendations.


Just 7% of all visits, generated 26% of revenue where the shopper clicked a recommendation.

* Insights from “Analysis of 150 Million Shoppers on How AI Impacts Revenue and the Shopper Journey” – SalesForce

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